Upcoming Events
8/31/2015 - 7:00 PM   WV Grant
9/1/2015 - 7:00 PM   WV Grant
9/2/2015 - 7:00 PM   WV Grant
9/2/2015 - Hour Of Power 7pm
9/2/2015 - NU Youth Group 7pm
9/3/2015 - 7:00 PM   WV Grant
9/3/2015 - Freedom Connections


Pastor Ronnie and first Lady Lora Richardson! 

                                                                                                ...A church with a heart for God and America.

If you believe in miracles, faith, family, and freedom in a fun loving friendly atmosphere, Freedom Worship Center is a church where you can experience all of the above.. We have ministries for all ages on 9 beautiful acres nestled in Cartersville, Ga. We would like to invite you and your family to experience God at Freedom Worship Center
Pastor's Comments
Welcome Home is a statement we all want to hear every day of our life we know one day the Lord will welcome us all home.
It takes more than a building to make a home it takes love , support, fellowship, friendship and a family. I pray the each of you feel that here at
Freedom Worship Center. The hardworking , loving membership of Freedom has worked very hard over the past two months for this special day.
I hope you enjoy your day here at Freedom Worship Center and to all members, families and our special guests of today’s services
Welcome Home at Freedom Worship center.

Today’s Services ,
No Sunday School and No PM service today.
11 am Homecoming Celebration with Ronny Hinson

Aug. 31st   thru Sept 18th Monday Thru Friday 7pm Nightly
Make Plans to Attend the  W.V. Grant Miracle Revival For 40 years, the Lord has been "Reversing the Curse" Through Powerful W.V. Grant Statewide Miracle Crusades. Many are healed every night immediately after the Praise and Worship as Rev. W. V. Grant, through the Word of Knowledge, begins revealing the past, present, and future of hundreds; even interpreting dreams and visions. Through the Gift of Healing, Gift of Faith, and Gift of Miracles, he has been breaking canes, raising previously-crippled people out of their wheelchairs, and even seeing blind eyes healed and deaf ears opened! All glory, honor and credit is given to Jesus Christ. The greatest miracles are the hundreds of souls that have been saved by the blood of Jesus. Everyone is invited to his nightly services. Mondays through Fridays at 7 PM. August 31st thru Sept. 18th Mon. thru Fri ( only )

A Note from Pastor Ronnie,
I want to invite you to this life changing revival in our world there are many sceptics but I would encourage you to dare to believe. As a Pastor I measure ministry in this manner souls being saved, lives being changes, Gods will being accomplished, anointed by God with the manifestation of his power, gifts and anointing. During the last WV Grant miracle revival that was held at Freedom we seen hundreds of souls saved, blind eyes open, people coming out of wheel chairs and much more. WV Grant is a man of God that serves Gods Kingdom every time he comes God Blesses the church in every area. Come believing for this life changing revival.

Pastor Requests ,
                For homecoming and capacity crowds.
·Let’s make our guests feel loved and welcome. Be aware of those around us.
·If possible for our members to park along the fence line during these large events.
·For our Silver membership still parks close to the church.
·Keep aisles in church open as well as foyer.
·During Fellowship dinner.
·Hinson’s will go first.
·Special guests and Silver members.
·Membership in an orderly fashion.
·Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
·3 dining rooms along with outside pavilion will be available for eating.
·Desert tables will be set up in each room with portioned plates..
·Be courteous and helpful as we serve our community

Today's services.
9:15 to 9:45 free Sunday school breakfast.
am to 10:45
Sunday school for all ages.
11 am Freedom Celebration Worship
Open the doors of the church for new membership.

31st thru Sept. 4th
Miracle Revival
WV GRANT ministries 7pm nightly.

September 16th
With Ricky Perkins and
the South men Quartet.
Wear your bib overalls ,
bonnets and come for a church service from yesterday as we celebrate our
Christian Heritage.

Starting in June Freedom
Worship Center will begin a brand new beginning that will include a makeover to
our Church.
Please be in prayer as
we begin starting with our new parking lot get ready it’s an exciting time at
Freedom Worship Center thank you for being a part and your prayers to make this

Wednesday Night Service


  7:00pm- Wednesday Night Service

     -Includes God's Little Sprouts Nursery, Children's' Church, and NU Youth program.


Freedom Intercessor Prayer Partners

To our dedicated FWC prayer partners our weekly new prayer time starts this Tuesday at 10 AM if you have any questions please call Ms. Diann Richards


Freedom Worship Center's New Sanctuary: 2013

As we are preparing for this end time harvest, our current sanctuary is not large enough. FWC is excited as we are making plans for our new sanctuary. We would like to ask everyone to continue in prayer as we embark upon this exciting move! Pray our growing membership and continue to pray for our leadership as we follow the Lord.


Joseph’s Closet Donations

Joseph’s Closet is a special food ministry to help the members and friends of Freedom Worship Center that are in need of food. We are taking donations of canned food or non-perishables. If you have any questions please get in touch with Sister Veronica. A special thank you to those that give back and help those that are in need.


CLAY stands for Christ-Like Anointed Youth. This is a new dance and visual Christian arts team. We are looking for children or teenagers that would like to be a part of this new exciting ministry. If you would like to be a part of this please see Mandy Wheeler or Savannah Richardson to be a part of this great new ministry! CLAY practices weekly on Sundays at 5:30pm.
Freedom Worship Center T-Shirts

If you would like to purchase an official Freedom Worship Center T-shirt, please see our secretary, Dianna Ross.

Church Registry Update

We are in the process of updating our church registry in preparation to come out with our FWC phone book. In doing so, we will be able to keep everyone informed and connected with Freedom Worship Center. Please see sister Dianna Ross if you have not updated your member information yet. We will begin finalizing the phone book the first of November.





 Stay Connected with Freedom!

Freedom Connection Radio Ministry

Sunday Afternoons at 3:00pm

You can listen on line at this link: Shineyourlightministries




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